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By refinishing  cabinets, you can renovate the kitchen and create an environment that all your family members will love. It is a low cost option that can be done in a few days by our experts. Many people think of replacing the cabinets in the kitchen to bring a change in its appearance but have to back out because of the high cost involved. Refinishing the cabinets by staining them can help you give your old kitchen cabinets a facelift and at the same time avoid the monetary burden of replacing the cabinets.  The natural look of wood brought out by staining the cabinets can be used to match the wooden floor, walls or counter-tops in the kitchen.



Services we offer



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samples for the house during a renovation project

Paint consulting

Choosing the proper color for the cabinets in the kitchen requires a trained eye and requisite knowledge. A single color used for all the items in the cabinet may look boring. A choice of multiple colors for the paint used for the kitchen cabinets and other items can make the kitchen a cheerful place.  Our experts will give you a good idea of what color combinations to use for renovating your kitchen.   We work with paints/stains that are non-toxic and which are safe for children and pets.  We will work with you and recommend which colors to use and which paints to avoid for the kitchen or any other room.







Cabinet Staining

A drab looking kitchen can be transformed into a thing of envy for your neighbors by a simple, inexpensive process known as staining. In this process, the grain of the wood of the cabinet is highlighted by applying a stain.    The stain will be absorbed by the wood highlighting the lines of the grains. Several coats of stain accentuate the grains of the wood making the cabinet look more beautiful than painting the same piece.  


stained cabinets

kitchen with nice counters and stained cabinets.



Cabinet painting

Painting the cabinets is another simple way of making your kitchen look fresh and new. In this process, we remove accessories such as handles and others as in the staining process, some areas can be covered with tape to prevent them from getting painted.  Sanding of the cabinet is done with coarse sandpaper, and the surface is wiped clean of any dust sticking to the surface before applying the paint. Painting is the best way of giving a new look to your kitchen as it can be applied to any surface irrespective of what they get made of.  Even wooden surfaces which cannot be stained anymore can be made to look new with a fresh coat of paint.  This is a great option if your cabinets have seen a lot of wear.


Painted Cabinets


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Glaze cabinets

To give the kitchen cabinets an old look or to highlight the staining job you can choose to glaze them.  Glazes can be both oil-based and acrylic-based of which acrylic-based glaze dries faster than an oil-based glaze. The extra glaze has to be removed immediately after application so that it does not darken the paint or the stain. The glaze enters the seams and grains of the wood and enhances the beauty of the cabinet. The appearance of any painted or stained surface of the cabinet improves by glazing them.  Let us know if you are interested in this feature.






Multiple Layer Stain

Staining the wood of the kitchen cabinet instead of painting them can change their appearance a lot. Using multiple layers of stain will simply bring the wood to life as its appearance gets changed entirely. The process can add depth to the wood and hide unwanted streaks created by mismatched wood joined. When the paint is applied on an already painted surface, it hides the old color. But when a layer of stain is applied to an existing stained surface it adds to the color by combining and blending with the color below. The process of using multiple layers of stain is used by many furniture companies to hide anomalies in the different kinds of wood used and also to bring uniform color and consistency.   We use it as an option to give your kitchen a unique appearance.


Cabinet Refacing

Old cabinets can be made to look brand new, polished and modern by cabinet refacing the skin is replaced with differently colored and textured veneers. Locks, handles, and slides are changed to increase the ease of use. This method is complicated and may require a professional company.   At Kabinet Pros we offer this service and are able to complete per your requirements  should we be entrusted with the job.


Reasons for hiring professionals   

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You may think of doing the job by yourself as others have done it before just like professionals. But it is a very tricky and arduous task even though it looks simple. You need skill, patience, time, and expertise to be able to complete the job with any success.

If you think that you are not up to it, then its better if you leave it to those who are experts because of the following reasons:

  • Preventing wrong decisions

During the inspection and evaluation of the kitchen the professional company may refuse to do the job if the cabinets are completely out of shape. Replacing them may be a better option than spending time and money on refacing.

  • Avoiding wrong measurements

Taking wrong measurements of the cabinet may lead to incorrect pieces of veneer, waste of material and money and the ultimate failure to achieve the primary objective.

  • Avoiding problems in the functionality

A professional with a lot of experience in cabinet refacing will maintain the proper functionality of the cabinet while doing the job.

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