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If you are looking to do your cabinets in the kitchen or elsewhere, you have two options; either do it yourself or even better you may hire a professional company like ours. We are Kabinet Pros and serve a large area in and around Denver.

Introduction to kitchen remodeling in Denver

Did you know that in Denver a simple kitchen remodeling can give your place a newly-renovated look? It’s true, kitchen cabinet remodeling in Denver can do wonders in making your family fall in love with your workspace all over again. Having kitchen remodeling done does not have to cost a lot. Aside from that kitchen cabinet remodeling in Denver can be done by professionals like Kabinet Pros in just a few days.   There are a lot of homeowners in Denver who want to renovate their kitchen by replacing their cabinets but eventually abandon their plans due to the associated costs. In comparison, kitchen remodeling through staining or cabinet refacing and kitchen cabinet resurfacing are cheaper alternatives to give your work cabinets an updated look.

For example, in kitchen remodeling through staining the cabinets in Denver, the wood’s natural look will come through and can even be coordinated with a wooden floor design or with the kitchen counter top.

If you are looking for someone to take up such works, then no one in Denver can do it better than Kabinet Pros.


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Paint Consulting in Denver

The choice of color for cabinets in Denver, if you are doing cabinet refacing, cabinet painting, cabinet resurfacing or other types of kitchen cabinet remodeling is best done in Denver with the aid of someone backed by years of knowledge in the business as well as their natural talent for it. Using just one color for kitchen cabinet painting or kitchen cabinet refacing brings the risk of a boring renovation outcome.

Using several colors of paint and in various shades for the cabinet remodeling will be more successful in making space look livelier in Denver. At Kabinet Pros, our experts in Denver will assist to give you advice on the best color combinations to utilize for your kitchen remodeling project.

We combine our expert opinion and our clients’ design aesthetic to come up with the color theme that will work best for a cabinet painting and other rooms in the house in Denver. We also use non-toxic paint and other materials in our kitchen cabinet resurfacing, cabinet refinishing, kitchen cabinet refacing and cabinet painting jobs because we have the safety of your children and pets in mind in Denver.

hands of a man and woman choosing timber

Kitchen cabinet resurfacing in Denver

Cabinet resurfacing in Denver is one good way to improve the looks at a fraction of the cost kitchen remodeling. Kitchen cabinet resurfacing in Denver can be done at one-tenth of the cost of replacing the cabinets. The final cost of kitchen remodeling in Denver will depend on how many cabinets you have in your home, their present condition and what you intend to do with them. If you are with Kabinet Pros, and then you can be sure of the best value for money spent.

There are many ways to do cabinet resurfacing in Denver. It primarily includes emptying out the cabinet, sanding down all the old paint/ varnish, applying new paint and then finally doing the proper sealing to make it look like new.

Kitchen cabinet resurfacing can work in any space and the work can be done to include much more than the change in the stain. With the help of kitchen cabinet resurfacing you can make the cabinet match with the type of door and windows or the décor of your home. You can use the fixtures to give it the heritage or the modern look, as you may desire to depend on your kitchen.


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Cabinet Staining in Denver

In Denver, cabinet staining is easy to do, and the inexpensive procedure is often done to improve the appearance of cabinets and space as well. Here, the stain is applied to bring out the wood’s natural grain. As the stain is absorbed, the lines of the wood grain are highlighted. By using several coating of stain, its natural design is accentuated and results in improvement in the cabinet’s appearance.  In Denver, no one can do the cabinet staining work better than Kabinet Pros.

stained cabinets

Basic Information on kitchen remodeling in Denver

In Denver, Kitchen cabinet painting is another simple and cost-efficient way of making your kitchen look brand new once more. In the cabinet painting process, the cabinet handles and other removable parts are taken out. Some parts of the cabinet are covered with tape as well so that they will not get unwanted paint during a kitchen cabinet remodeling job.

Afterward, coarse sandpaper is rubbed on the cabinet surface and the resulting dust from sanding is wiped off before the kitchen cabinet painting is done. Cabinet painting offers more flexibility compared to cabinet staining because paint can be applied to different types of surfaces. Kitchen cabinet painting in Denver can even be done on wooden cabinets where staining is not possible. At Kabinet Pros, we will make sure that the cabinets that have undergone more wear and tear than usual; a fresh coat of paint through cabinet painting will make them look brand new.

Old-school Magic from Glaze Cabinets in Denver

In Denver, if you want to highlight a cabinet staining job or give cabinets an old-timey look, applying glaze is a solution. The glaze is absorbed onto the grain and seams of the wood of cabinets, resulting in an enhancement of its natural design, resulting in an improved appearance.

WE, the Kabinet Pros, suggest you can choose between an acrylic-based glaze and an oil-based one. The former dries faster than the latter one. It is also important that the extra glaze is removed right after application to avoid darkening the current stain or paint on the cabinets. Contact us at Kabinet Pros, if you wish to have this done on your cabinets in Denver.

glazed cabinet door
stained wood

Creating Depth with Multiple Layer Stain in Denver

Staining a wooden cabinet in Denver will produce a different appearance than if kitchen cabinet painting was done instead. If the paint is applied, the old color is completely hidden. In contrast, using a layer of stain, a new color is produced as the stain blends with the old paint color. With the use of multiple layers of stain, the grain is accentuated a lot more, and the cabinet itself can look entirely different.

Applying stain in multiple layers adds depth to the wooden surface. Some furniture companies in Denver use multiple layers of stain to make a wooden surface more uniform and consistent in appearance, as well as to conceal anomalies such as streaks that appear from joining mismatched wood. For us at Kabinet Pros, we apply this method to give you another option of making your space unique.

New Look with cabinet refacing in Denver

Kitchen cabinet refacing and cabinet resurfacing are a more extensive job to undertake for making a cabinet look brand new and more modern. In cabinet refacing and cabinet resurfacing, the surface is replaced with veneers of a different color and texture. Cabinet parts such as locks, slides, and handles are changed as well in kitchen cabinet refacing. Undertaking cabinet refacing and cabinet resurfacing in Denver is a more complicated job compared to cabinet painting or staining. It is better to have a professional in Denver handle a kitchen cabinet refacing job instead of doing it yourself. Cabinet refacing and cabinet resurfacing are included in the list of services we offer at Kabinet Pros to our clients in Denver. We are proud to say that we at Kabinet Pros are the best in trade in Denver.

Why You Should Hire A Professional in Denver Vs DIY

In Denver, undertaking a cabinet refacing, cabinet resurfacing, cabinet painting or other types of cabinet remodeling in Denver as a DIY project can seem like a rewarding challenge at first. However, some kitchen cabinet remodeling ideas may sound simple in theory but in reality are more complicated and will entail you doing tasks that would be beyond your DIY kitchen cabinet refacing or kitchen cabinet refinishing skills. Aside from the relevant skills for cabinet refacing, cabinet painting, cabinet resurfacing or cabinet refinishing, you will also have to possess patience and the time necessary to see the project through completion.

woman standing in her remodeled kicthen

It is best to accept that you will be better off handing this project to a professional in Denver if you don’t have the time or skill – or both – to complete the kitchen cabinet refacing, kitchen cabinet remodeling, kitchen cabinet resurfacing or kitchen cabinet painting job.

Here are some more reasons why hiring an expert in Denver like Kabinet Pros for cabinet refacing, cabinet painting, cabinet resurfacing or cabinet refinishing is the wise course of action:

  • Wrong decisions are prevented

Before starting the kitchen cabinet remodeling job in the first place in Denver, the professional workmen of Kabinet Pros will inspect and evaluate the current state of your cabinets. In this stage, they will determine if the cabinets are ideal for kitchen cabinet painting, kitchen cabinet resurfacing or kitchen cabinet refacing. If the cabinets are in such a state of disrepair beyond redemption, they will recommend replacing the cabinets instead.

  • Measurements will be more precise

By taking the wrong measurements in cabinet refacing, cabinet resurfacing or cabinet remodeling can lead to disastrous results.  Materials will be wasted, as well as time and money especially if one has to do the kitchen cabinet refacing, kitchen cabinet resurfacing or kitchen cabinet refinishing job all over again. At Kabinet Pros, we always ensure that our client gets the best value for the money spent.

  • Functionality is not sacrificed

When you hire a professional from Kabinet Pros for cabinet refacing, cabinet resurfacing, cabinet painting and cabinet refinishing, we make sure that the cabinet’s proper functionality is retained.

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