Give Your House a new Look with Multiple Layer Stain

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A house can have many items which got made of wood. The furniture and the cabinets in the living room, the dining room, the bedroom and the kitchen, doors, and windows in all rooms are just a few examples of articles in a house that are made of wood. Most of these things made from wood have either a coat of lacquer or paint which hides the characteristics of the wood they are made of. After some time the color loses its glaze, and the furniture or cabinets look dull and drab. This can produce a depressing atmosphere inside the house.

The best way to cut the monotony of looking at drab looking wooden articles in the house is to give a fresh new look with the help of multiple layer staining. In this process, the lacquer or paint cover is removed from the surfaces of the various wooden items around the house to bring out the color and texture of the wood with which it is made of. The grains in the wood offer the original beauty of the items when they are highlighted with the help of stains. The kind of wood used for making each piece will be different from others.

The wood used for the furniture may look distinct from the wood used for the cabinets in the kitchen when they are stained. This produces a combination of different kinds of appearances which can make the house look cheerful. The process of staining is inexpensive but may take some time as you have to work for quite a few weekends if you do the job yourself. Before you start on the job, you have to gather all the materials which you may need for the job such as proper stains, paint brushes, sand paper, tapes and so on. A visit to the local furniture store can provide you with a lot of pointers.


Regular kitchen cabinets

Boring kitchen!

The first thing you need to do is to remove the various accessories like handles, bolts, locks and others items from the wooden items so that the job of staining gets done freely. Then you have to remove the coat of paint or lacquer covering the wooden surfaces by using sand paper with coarse particles. You can use more power operated tools for sanding the surfaces, but you have to be careful not to overdo the job. After using the sand paper with coarse particles, you have to use sandpaper with fine particles to give the surface a smooth finish. Wipe off the dust from the surface with a linen cloth. 

After the dust is wiped off the surface, the grains in the wood will become visible. Now apply the stain to the surface and see how it gets absorbed by the hood and enhances the grains. Each surface will look different when their grains get highlighted by the stain. Applying more layers of stain on top of the first layer will highly accentuate the visibility of the grains as the top layer blends with the lower layer and darkens the grains further. Once the job of staining each and every wooden surface of the items in your home is complete, your house will look completely different and will become the envy of your neighbors.    


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