Save money by refinishing your cabinets vs. replacing

A little advise on doing it on your own.  If you do not think it is for you give us a call.

You can give a new customized look as per your wishes to your kitchen at an affordable price by refinishing the cabinets in the kitchen instead of replacing them. The cost of replacing the cabinets in the kitchen is usually the biggest portion of the expenditure for a kitchen renovation and may run up to tens of thousands of dollars or more. In any case, you have the option of giving your kitchen a fresh new look by refinishing them instead of replacing them and can get it done at a cost of a few hundred of dollars without losing any time for not being able to use the kitchen.

You can quickly rectify the old look of the cabinets in the kitchen if that is your only reason for disliking them. The process may sound simple, but you have to do the work in a proper fashion. Remove the doors of the cabinets before cleaning their surfaces, and then a coat of primer and finishing paint can be applied. The choice of giving the cabinets a glossy or stained finish depends on upon you and the following steps that you have to follow. 

stained cabinets

kitchen with nice counters and stained cabinets.

The first thing before you take on the job of refinishing the cabinets is to determine whether their structures are robust enough to be used for some more time. While doing this, pay more attention to the corners where the wooden joints occur and ensure that they are strong or whether they can be repaired to make them stable again. Check any portion that lies adjacent or below the sink to find out whether there is any damage due to faulty plumbing or water leakage. Check the doors and drawers for any warped portions. The drawers should open smoothly and should be tight when closed. You can proceed to the next step if all of the above are perfectly all right. 

A prior visit to the local center for designing kitchens or a store for home improvement can help you to get the best finish that you want for your kitchen. Get a sample of the color used for the finish from them and proceed to the nearest paint store in your locality. An exclusive paint store is the best place to buy the paint as they employ people who are experts on the quality of finish that each kind of color can produce. The paint at these stores may be a bit more expensive than at other stores, but you will get the best stained or glossy designs when you apply the paint. Keep in mind that you can spend a bit more on quality paint and materials as you will be saving lots of money by refinishing the cabinets instead of replacing them. 

You should be ready to spare a good amount of time for the job as well along with spending a good deal of money on primers, stains, paints and application equipment. Even though it is hard work and less fun, the job of remodeling your kitchen can be completed to your satisfaction, in a reasonable time, and with less expenditure, if you do not hurry but go through each step minutely. 

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