Simple methods to paint your cabinet on your own

Just finding the best cabinet color will transform how your bathroom or kitchen looks. It’s better than replacing cabinets because replacing cabinetry can be expensive. A brand new fresh coat of pain will be affordable. Of course, before you set off to paint, you have to keep something in mind. Most cabinets, especially kitchen cabinets, have a product finish that’s supposed to make the cabinets easy to wipe. The product, unfortunately, prevents the cabinets from being painted, because the paint won’t stick.


Painted kitchen

On the bright side, painting cabinets aren’t too expensive. It’s very affordable. Your kitchen will look entirely different with just paint instead of remodeling the entire room. You don’t even need to hire a painting expert; you can do it all on your own. Again, there are things to keep in mind, though, just as some cabinets cannot be painted, you have to have certain tools.

These are some of the most useful tools:

  • Brush
  • Roller
  • Spray gun

It’s up to you which tool you want to use. Some work better for certain people than others. Brushes can end up leaving marks on large spaces. Spray guns cost the most money, and you can quickly end up spraying too much and having to cover up your mistake. On the other hand, a roller is more cost-effective, and perhaps the most simple one too. You can cover a wide area with nothing more than a single roll.

Yes, painting cabinets are not the easiest thing in the world. But if you’re prepared, it can end up being a permanent, beautiful thing for your home.

Should you paint your cabinetry?

Many homeowners pick between painted cabinets or dark wood cabinets. If you have wood cabinets that look worn out or old, it may be time to paint them. Color can make dated cabinets look brand new, and the best part is you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Some people may not want to paint their cabinets because it depends on the décor of the home. So there are a few things to consider before you decide whether to paint or not.


  • Style of the Cabinet

Wood can be gorgeous without having to paint it, but what’s the style of them? Do they complement the rest of the décor and design of the kitchen as well as the rest of the home? Painting them might change the entire vibe of the kitchen or perhaps the whole house. Or painting them might make the house look even better, giving it a more cohesive feel. If you plan on selling your home eventually, the painting would probably be a wise decision to make.

  • Budget

Now, if you’ve decided you’re going to paint the cabinets, it’s time to decide if you’re going to do it yourself or hire someone. If you want to save money and do it alone, you have to make sure that the cabinets will look better than they did before painting. If you don’t trust yourself, it would be a good idea to pay someone else to do it, as a professional wouldn’t be as likely to make a costly mistake.

  • Talk to a Realtor

You should also talk to a realtor. There are locations where unpainted wood cabinets are a huge selling point. Look around at the homes for sale where you live and see what the description of the kitchen is. Local real estate agents can also tell you about what will sell and what won’t in your area, so you can know whether to paint your cabinets or not.

All of these factors are important, but the most important thing to think about is the role the kitchen plays in your household. Is it the focal point of the home. Is it used just for cooking and eating, or also to entertain guests? If people are spending a lot of time in the room, you should consider painting it.

How to paint your kitchen cabinets.

So you’ve decided to paint your kitchen cabinets. Before you start, you need to remove all of the hardware surrounding them. The hinges, knobs, etc. Take the doors off as well, to make it easier to paint them.

Also, you must clean the cabinets before starting to make sure the paint will look great. Get a soft, clean rag or an old shirt. Scrub the cabinets to remove all the grime that has built up over the years and make sure there’s none left when you’re done.

Next, sand the area you’re going to paint to open the finished surfaces. Fill in any holes, cracks, or dents in the cabinets with a wood filler. Then, of course, wipe off all of the sanding dust.

The next step after that is to prime the cabinetry with a primer that blocks stains.

You’re ready to start painting. Cover all of the surfaces around your painting area to make sure you don’t drip paint onto them. Remember sometimes paint splatters, so it’s a good idea to just cover as much of the kitchen’s surfaces as possible. It might take more than one coat to paint, depending on what type of paint, how high quality it is, and what color you bought.

After all of the cabinets are dry, take a look to make sure you didn’t overlook anything. If the cabinets look ready to go, you’re ready to install them. Put the knobs back on as well as everything else.

You can now put the cabinets back to their original places.

Choosing the best paint for cabinets.

If this is going to be a DIY project, shop for pain at local, well-reviewed paint supply stores. Staff there should be knowledgeable and helpful in helping you choose the right color. You need to pick a paint that is high quality, something that can repeatedly be washed and is non-blocking.

You might think dark colors are better, but they can show flaws in the paint more quickly. Light colors don’t show as many imperfections, and they highlight less dirt, grime, and dust. So light colors may be the best choice for your cabinets unless they just absolutely wouldn’t match your kitchen color scheme.

After painting, you don’t have to settle for just a plain color. Several different finishes can give your cabinets a different look. You can use a splatter or crackle finish, or even use a stencil. These add some flavor and uniqueness to your cabinets, contributing to a fun looking kitchen.

Painting kitchen cabinets can end up being one of the greatest decisions to make in your house. It adds so much character and style to a home and ultimately transforms kitchens. It will add monetary value to your house and make you happier. Being surrounded by colorful cabinets will make you more excited to cook a nice meal and spend time in your new looking kitchen.

What simple things to watch out for.

Although painting your cabinets sounds like an easy, quick, job, it can be an enormous amount of work. You have to be patient, have a lot of time to devote, and you need the skills necessary for painting. Painting cabinetry is not an easy task, so you must be well prepared.

If you don’t feel ready to tackle the massive job, you may want to hire a professional.  At Kabinet Pros no job is too small or to big.  It certainly costs more money, but a our professionals can get the work done faster and more efficiently. It will almost always result in higher-quality work as well.

So yes, although painting cabinets is a ton of work, the end results are well worth it. The absolute best thing to keep in mind is having fun. This should be a project you look back on fondly.